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For those of you who have been waiting, my third novel FINAL SECURITY is available on right now! Please click the ORDER FINAL SECURITY link at left, or click the cover picture below. 

FINAL SECURITY is about suppressed physics, organized crime, and escaped Nazis. Go-teams from foreign intelligence agencies, freelance spy rings, and even terrorist groups are converging on San Francisco, but the FBI and the CIA don't know why. When the rival groups' clandestine moves break out into open warfare, damage control lawyer Mike Manning finds out the hard way someone is deadly serious about keeping certain secrets, even to the point of executing FINAL SECURITY - killing everyone involved when the project is finished.

I had a lot of fun writing FINAL SECURITY, so if you want a big book with big action, be sure to check it out!


   SPECTERS is about UFOs, the CIA, and the Aurora spyplane. It is the story of a father and son, one dedicated to keeping the government's secret concerning UFOs, and the other just as determined to expose it. Joshua Culp is the just-promoted head of the CIA's UFO suppression program, and his son Tim is an Air Force fighter pilot who has just had a traumatic close encounter with a UFO in the skies over Iceland. Joshua Culp will learn more about the alien threat than even he could imagine, and in the end not only will his son's life rest in his hands, but the fate of humanity as well. 


Every day, government and industry networks are under worldwide attack by hackers. The National Security Agency, responsible for safeguarding US computer systems, has run out of options. Behind its impenetrable veil of secrecy, the NSA has taken the law into its own hands. Skilled hackers are captured and ordered to work on an information warfare program called DATASHARK. Those who refuse "disappear." But one of the hackers imprisoned by the NSA has powerful friends, able to threaten even the US government.

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